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URORO Premium Smart 9 Watch Winder - Striped Ebony Wood

URORO Premium Smart 9 Watch Winder - Striped Ebony Wood

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Usage Instructions

Prior to usage, ensure the automatic mechanical watch is fully energized by either manually winding it or gently shaking it sixty to seventy times until it possesses more than half of its kinetic energy. Once the time has been calibrated, carefully place it within the watch winder for optimal performance.

Instructions for Gear Selection:
To determine the optimal winding direction for your watch, consult the manufacturer's manual or seek advice from a reputable watch brand seller. Typically, most automatic mechanical watches require clockwise winding. Utilize the clockwise rotation gear for a 48-hour test run. If the watch operates smoothly within the acceptable error range, the clockwise gear is suitable. Should the watch stop or slow down noticeably, manually wind it again. Once the watch reaches sufficient kinetic energy, switch to counterclockwise or alternating forward and reverse gears. Monitor the watch's performance over another 48-hour period to identify the most effective winding direction. If multiple watches on a turntable wind in different directions, allocate them to separate turntables with corresponding rotation settings.

Usage Precautions:
1.Handle the watch only when it is stationary, either with the power off or the cover open to halt operation. Avoid picking up or placing the watch while it is in motion to prevent obstruction and motor damage.
2.Never use both the power supply and battery simultaneously. Choose one power source method.
3.Utilize the original power adapter provided with the watch winder. Avoid using other brands or chargers with voltages exceeding the specified voltage of the device. Improper usage leading to circuit board or motor damage will void the warranty, requiring the user to bear repair costs.
4.Although power consumption is minimal during normal operation, it's advisable to turn off the main power and allow the device to rest for 12 hours after continuous use of approximately 30 days.
5.Each turntable motor has a load-bearing capacity of up to 450g. Ensure that the load on each turntable does not exceed the motor's capacity.
6.The watch winder operates within a temperature range of -15°C.


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Elevate your watch collection with the URORO watch winder for 9 watch, a pinnacle of premium watch care. Crafted with a textured ebony wood grain for a noble experience, this professional watch winder exudes luxury. The fingerprint watch winder ensures quick and secure access, complemented by the stylish piano paint process and a high-definition transparent glass door that offers both elegance and dust-proof protection. The third-generation retractable watch pillow, made from environmentally friendly materials, adds sophistication, catering to most watches. Delight in the perfect blend of luxury and functionality with URORO's automatic 9 watch winder.
  • Material: Striped Ebony Wood
  • Glass Material: Glass
  • Storage For: 9 watches
  • Interior colour: Black
  • Size: 48*19.5*48cm
  • Additional Functions: Lockable
  • Motor type: Japanese
  • Winding direction: CCW, CW, CW+CCW
  • Power Supply: Adapter
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • LED Lightning: Yes
  • Noiseless: Yes
  • Overwind Protection: Yes

Watch Winding Model

TPD(Turns Per Day: Daily operation mode, working for 12 hours, turning and stopping for the set number of turns, and stopping for 12 hours.

  • 650TPD: Rotates 650 times a day, and the direction of rotation can be selected by the user.
  • 750TPD: Rotates 900 times a day, and the direction of rotation can be selected by the user.
  • 850TPD: Rotates 1350 times a day, and the direction of rotation can be selected by the user.
  • 1000TPD: Rotates 1800 times a day, the rotation direction can be selected by the user.
  • 1950TPD: Rotates 2200 times a day, the rotation direction can be selected by the user.

Direction selection:

  • clockwise rotation
  • counter-clockwise rotation
  • clockwise and counter-clockwise

Watch Winder Details

Striped ebony wood:
Experience the sophistication of URORO premium watch winder, boasting a durable ebony grain for timeless appeal.

Piano paint and high-definition glass:
This luxury watch box winder is made of crystal-clear protection with piano paint and high-definition glass.

LCD touch screen:
This smart watch winder will simplify your routine with the intuitive LCD touch screen, offering smartphone-like usability.

Versatile retractable pillow:
The automatic 9 watch winder accommodate watches of all sizes effortlessly with the versatile retractable pillow.

Compatibility with most of mechanical watches:
This URORO watch winder will ensure seamless compatibility with 99% of mechanical watches, providing comprehensive winding support.

Fingerprint system:
This fingerprint watch winder prioritize security with the multi-dimensional fingerprint system, guaranteeing precise and safe access.

Ultra-silent operation:
Embrace peace and quiet with ultra-silent operation at 10 decibels, seamlessly blending into your lifestyle.